A Quick Look in the Toilet Bowl Can Tell If You Are Healthy

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The stool can reveal a lot of important information about your overall health and the state of the internal organs. This being said, if you want to know if you are healthy or not, the next time after a bowel movement, take a look at the toilet bowl.

Know Your Poop!
The brown color of our poop is a result of the digested food and the absorbed nutrients from it. Regular bowel movement is vital for a good health since this is how the body removes unimportant and harmful substances from the body. Determine the color and texture and find out what this means for your health.

Poop Texture
When it comes to the texture, there are several types. First, we have separate and hard lumps, similar to nuts. This indicates that the body needs more fiber and fluids. So, start drinking more water and consume more veggies and fruits.

The sausage-shaped poop which is smooth and soft is the most normal type of poop and it is a sign of a healthy individual.

Liquid poop is known as diarrhea and it can be a result of an infection. Make sure you drink enough water when you have diarrhea to prevent dehydration.

The poop can also be sausage-shaped, but lumpy; this means that you have to drink more fluids and eat foods that have fiber.

Furthermore, a mushy stool is a normal stool, but it is closer to diarrhea whereas soft blobs are normal; however, you should drink more water.

In case your poop is soft and sticks to the sides of the toilet bowl, your body may not absorb fats adequately and this causes excessive fat in the body. This could be a symptom of chronic pancreatic disease.

Poop Color
Brown is the normal poop color
Green poop is a sign of overeating green veggies or foods with green coloring
Yellow poop may indicate surplus fat in the body that may be caused by celiac disease
Black poop may be a result of internal bleeding caused by cancer or ulcers. Some supplements can also darken the poop; anyway, consult your physician
Whitish or clay-colored poop may be a sign of bile duct obstruction or a result of taking some meds
Reddish or poop with blood could indicate cancer; consult your physician right away
Some Facts about the Stool
The food we eat takes one to three days to end up in the poop
Poop is consisted of dead cells, mucus, undigested food, and bacteria
A healthy poop does not sink right away
The average person poops once or twice per day, but some can go to the bathroom more or less
Maintaining a Healthy Poop
Drink enough water
Eat foods that contain fiber
Work out regularly

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