Remove Mucus And Phlegm From Your Throat, With These 7 Natural Remedies

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The formation of mucus and phlegm inside the body is no walk in the park. From colds to pneumonia and chronic coughs, both phlegm and mucus are not symptoms you should ignore. Affecting the lungs and airways in the body, phlegm and mucus can result in far more serious complications than anticipated.

The most natural way of eliminating built-up mucus and phlegm from the body is through coughing. However, this represents a temporary fix to the problem. It is good to know that our bodies naturally form phlegm using lung membranes. This type of phlegm serves to battle infections, allergies, lung inflammation, and bronchitis.

If your health is good, you are likely to experience clear and thin mucus, which is not the case with mucus triggered by an allergen or a virus. To learn the difference and eliminate built-up mucus and phlegm, read on.

How to cleanse the lungs and airways?

There are several ways to manage mucus and phlegm in the body. Some of the most common treatments include:

Lemon & Honey

When these two products are fused, they help encourage the immune system and alleviate painful coughs. At the same time, lemons help reduce the amount of built-up mucous in the body, leaving your lungs in the clear. For best results, combine two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of organic honey and take the remedy three times a day.

Peppermint Tea or Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a great decongestant, hence it cleanses the lungs and allows proper breathing, free of mucus and phlegm. Peppermint has cooling effects, which prevent inflammation and infections inside the lungs. To use it as a remedy, boil fresh peppermint leaves in a cup of water. Throw in honey if you want your tea sweeter and let it steep for several minutes before drinking it.


Turmeric has plenty of roles as an alternative remedy, with one of the most important being cleansing the lungs and eliminating mucus. Due to its incredible antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, turmeric boosts the immunity and eradicates lung infections. The best way to use this remedy to fight mucus is by making a mix of turmeric and salt water and using at as gargle.


Garlic is known for its outstanding health benefits, among which is also eliminating excess mucus and phlegm from the body. Able to stimulate the immunity and fight infections and bacteria, garlic is a versatile and successful alternative remedy in the fight against built-up mucus. Simply, bite down a clove of garlic and suck its juices. As an alternative, you can do a garlic oil and water mix and use it as a gargle.

Eucalyptus tea or oil

As a result of its ravishing antiseptic properties, eucalyptus is a wonderful way to treat respiratory infections. If you struggle with proper breathing, Eucalyptus tea or oil can help soothe the dryness in your lungs and allow you to get rid of any excess mucus in the body. When making your tea, make sure you let the liquid sit for a while so it harvests all favorable benefits.

Ginger tea or oil

Ginger is a multi-tasking spice which helps eradicate viruses and infections from all over the body, including the lungs. To make your tea, boil ginger slices in 2 cups of water and add honey if you enjoy a sweeter tea.

Steam inhalation

An oldie, but a goldie, eliminating nose, throat and lung mucus can be done with the simplest saltwater inhalation. In a saucepan of water, boil some sea salt and hang your head over the steam, inhaling it slowly for several minutes. For even greater effects, cover your head with a towel, so the steam reaches all the right places and eliminates mucus successfully.


Mucus and phlegm are not always a sign of an issue, but if they get out of hand, you need to kick off immediate treatment. As you can see, natural remedies do just as good of a job as prescribed meds, thus making your treatment easier, cheaper and equally efficient.

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