This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Claims Healed His Cancer

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*So far, there is no medically-supported research acknowledging the benefits of Rick Simpson’s cancer-curing oil.*

Meet Rick Simpson, the man who may have not invented cannabis oil, but definitely contributed to reinventing its formula for everyday use.

However, Rick didn’t have it easy convincing medical experts in Canada of the effects of his marvelous oil. Aside from preventing cancer and helping with cancer treatment, cannabis oil also harvests many other benefits useful to our health.

Rick is one of the few people who produces his own cannabis oil. In the process, Rick uses high-grade naphtha to extract the oil, along with ethyl alcohol.

Rick’s Journey with Cannabis Oil

A few years back, Rick began producing his own cannabis oil in Maccan, Nova Scotia. In Canada, Rick’s oil is not preapproved for use, despite his assurance that the oil is, in fact, helpful and healthy. Ignored by medicine, Rick began treating locals in Maccan, some of which were diagnosed with cancer. Successful and effective, Rick’s cannabis oil relies on high doses of the forbidden hemp compound called THC.

Why did Rick Create the Oil?

In 1997, Rick suffered an injury at work, after which he was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. He tried treating the condition with prescribed meds, none of which worked. Soon after, Rick learned that cannabis may be the key to treating his condition. As a result, Rick started smoking cannabis daily, enjoying its benefits to the maximum.

Even after his symptoms faded, Rick’s doctor urged him not to use cannabis as treatment. Rick listened to some extent, and instead of smoking, he planted cannabis in his home so he could give cannabis oil a try. He actually found a way to extract THC from the plant, by slow-boiling the plant in a naphtha solution.

Not long after, Rick got another scary diagnosis- basal cell carcinoma. Rick had to undergo surgery to have three of his cancers removed, but as cancer came back, he turned to cannabis oil for help.

Rick for the People

Moved by his own journey with cannabis oil, Rick branded his new oil as the Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. In the community, Rick helped countless patients manage some of their everyday struggles, like stress and anxiety. By taking one drop of cannabis oil twice a day, Rick has not only helped himself but many others in need, too. Even Rick’s father, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, recuperated in just weeks of undergoing the cannabis oil treatment.

Not just for treating cancer, Rick found his cannabis oil to help with other issues, like heart problems, MS and depression.

Drop Pharmaceutical Drugs, Use Cannabis Oil

Rick Dwyer, a manager of a company in the region, has largely backed the other Rick and his marvelous oil. However, this brought the duo plenty of oppression from the medical world. To make matters easier, Rick Simpson (the inventor), visited Halifax to approve his oil for medical use. Still, despite his affidavits, Rick’s request was denied, so he then submitted an appeal to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

Supported by treated patients and a number of doctors, Rick pulled the right strings, but his appeal was once again denied. With this, Rick understood the power of the medical industry and pharmaceutical drugs. To make them sell, cannabis oil should never make the list of allowed treatments.

After battling legislation for a while, Rick decided to head to Amsterdam and travel the world, raising awareness on his oil. However, as it turns out, big companies like Big Pharma and the DEA, continue to discourage the use of cannabis oil as a medical treatment.

But, when it comes to our health, the pharmaceutical industry is powerless to decide which treatment patients decide to use. Given the benefits and qualities of cannabis oil, it is unlikely that the use of it in alternative medicine at least shall continue to grow.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this website is not an alternative to a medical diagnosis or treatments, but is merely informative to the audience. In case you are suffering a medical condition or are taking prescribed meds, consult your medical doctor first before making an individual health decision. The provided website content should not be considered a medical guideline, therefore make sure you seek appropriate medical advice and treatment when and if necessary.

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